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Rockland Community Church

Our mission is to love one another and spread the love of the Gospel everywhere.

We teach the Old Testament and the New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. We put those teachings into practice within every aspect of our daily lives.
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Our Mission

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Love God

We have preaching, teaching and Bible Study groups where we learn about God and come to know Him intimately, being filled with His love

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Love Each Other

The natural outflow of being filled with the love of God is to grow in loving each other. We gather regularly and often to know one another and grow in our love for each other.

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Love Our Community

We believe God has called us to be His followers by going out into the world locally and globally to share His love.


Recognizing the many issues that our youth face in their daily lives especially youth who are following Jesus, we want to support them in every way we can. Part of that support is the formation of a youth group where they can learn principles of Christian living while enjoying the fellowship of like minded youth in activities that are fun for them. Our youth pastor, Cindy Martin, has devoted her life to ministering to youth in every way and also meets with a group of other like minded adults to plan events and education for the youth in our church and our larger community.


Believing that prayer is a bedrock of our faith, we take every opportunity to offer prayer to our congregation and the larger community. We have committed prayer warriors always standing ready to pray with you and/or for you when you have a need. Requests can be made known online, in person, or by other contact methods. We would also invite you to join in our ministry of prayer.

Home / Study Groups

Knowing the difficulties of living out our faith in a world where Christianity is counter-cultural, we join together in small groups where we can share our joys

and sorrows as well as grow in our faith. These include Bible Study groups at the church and home groups in which we join together in neighborhoods to fellowship, pray, study and even eat. All are welcome in these groups.
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